A hookah with a good market

2021-12-28 15:09

Today's hookah has been scattered by decoration, become a certain market collection category.

Hookah, also known as hookah, hookah bag, is a kind of smoke from the water through the re-intake of the cigarette. In the middle and early Qing Dynasty, shisha tobacco was introduced into northwest China from West Asia through Central Asia, and gradually into central China in the late Qianlong period. Huang Junzai of qing Dynasty said in "Seven Ink in golden Pot" : "In Qianlong period, lanzhou produced different kinds of tobacco, fan Tong as pipe, water storage and smoking, called shisha." To daoguang early years, "cover because of today's shisha people all over the world", artisans put Chinese ethnic characteristics and culture into the shisha pot, making it increasingly exquisite.

The body of the common hookah is two and a half inches square, followed by the double barrel body, and the abnormity is rare. The body is connected with a straw shaped like the head of a crane, which is about feet high. There are cigarette tongs and needles on the body. The hookah is mostly made of white copper, and there is no lack of gold encased silver, jade, cloisonne. The two sides of the pot are often carved with a shallow chisel, Yang carving, relief, deep engraving, silk pinching enamel and other techniques, and the work is meticulous. The patterns carved on the pot are also full of patterns, not sticking to one pattern, making the water pipe a unique and practical object that can be used for ornamental pleasure, as well as a symbol of showing off one's status. At that time, the literati and wealthy households, in addition to smoking tobacco, and water smoke. Because of the high price of the hookah, there are workshops and shops around the production and franchise of the hookah, which is made in Beijing, Guangzhou and Suzhou, the most popular. At that time, people have the saying that "the flavor is a wild rice, and thousands of money to buy a bronze pot."

In the middle and late period of the Republic of China, cigarettes began to occupy the smoking territory of the city and the upper society, and the production of hookah gradually declined. Before and after the founding of new China, the hookah basically withdrew from the stage of tobacco. Nowadays, the water tobacco bottle that lasts for a period of time about 200 years entered people collect field of vision, normally taste phase intact, carve the water tobacco bottle that makes fine, also climb to 500 to 1000 yuan above by the 200 or 300 yuan left and right sides a few years ago in Tibet city, individual even can amount to 2000 multivariate.

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