Shisha hookah

2021-12-28 15:08

The Traditional Chinese painting "The Old Man smoking the dry tobacco" depicts the old people smoking the dry tobacco leisurely in the countryside after liberation. Now, in the past popular dry tobacco has become the hobby of people that collects snuff bottle, pipe. Among these, in last few years the shisha that shines brilliantly gained the favour of many collectors. Originated in India and developed in the Middle East, this special "smoking tool" is loved by collectors with its unique shape and gorgeous colors.

Smoke bowl, smoke pipe, smoke bottle, smoke tray, air regulating hole and other parts of the water pipe is usually about half a meter high, a long strip. In terms of use, shisha is different from other tobacco products in that it uses the residual heat from burning coal to make the smoke rise. In a bar in Sanlitun, Beijing, the reporter watched a waiter demonstrating how to smoke a water pipe. He saw that a burning charcoal fire was first put on the tobacco to help it burn. The smoke from the tobacco burning was filtered by water and then smoked through a straw.

In Beijing's Houhai and Sanlitun districts, you can find hookah devices in any bar, and many non-smoking consumers will try them out of curiosity. Many of the hookah products sold in stores are works of art, compared to the simple hookah devices.

In Aegean mall, Chaoyang District, Turkey Tourism Bureau in its special water pipe exhibition area, for Chinese consumers to bring a strong sense of art of water pipes, water pipes with the Characteristics of the Middle East is absolutely the best choice for collectors. Or bright violet, or passionate Flamenco red, with clay or marble as the raw material, through the meticulous creation of the artisan, to make the well-developed smoke bowl, and then in the shape of the smoke bowl outline full of exotic patterns, as if the smoke bowl turned into the magic lamp of Aladdin in the "Arabian Nights", shining. In addition to the violet, bright red, sky blue and other bright colors, the artisans also did enough work on the smoke pipe. Usually transparent or black smoke tube, is made into powder or yellow color, clear sky blue smoke bowl with delicate light powder smoke tube, unique visual impact is believed to attract many consumers. A gorgeous color of the hookah "arrangement" orderly, while red, while yellow, while purple color let a person can not help but sigh the artistry of the people and nature of infinite tolerance. If you're willing to try such a showy hookah device, the "try out zone" is set up next to it. However, the high price still makes many people shy away.

If you find hookah devices in brick-and-mortar stores too expensive for your shopping and collection budget, there are a variety of online hookah devices for you. In, Amazon and other large shopping websites, more than 10,000 hookah related products. The devices are smaller and more elaborate than the ornate and artsy ones sold in bricks-and-mortar stores, and some can be held with one hand, making them extremely easy to carry. Color mix is also a highlight of online hookah sales, zebra print, leopard print, stars and stripes, psychedelic smoke patterns make hookah appear more close to ordinary consumers.

Of course, some maverick hookah devices have also attracted a lot of attention. The machine gun-shaped, silvery metal hookah has won unanimous praise from buyers, with words such as "cool", "trendy" and "individual character" at the center of consumers' comments. There are also pink and black patterns designed for female collectors, with mango, pineapple, strawberry and other tropical flavor, sweet and bright.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded that hookah smoking is "a health hazard", despite the promotion of hookah smoking as a healthy pastime. Therefore, it is a good change to change the habit of smoking into the hobby of collecting and collecting cigarettes in a low-carbon and healthy environment.

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