How to make a hookah

2021-12-27 15:28

1. Materials and tools needed: a 350 ml mineral water bottle, too big to hold; A piece of plastic hose; Scissors and wallpaper knives.

2. First cut two sections of the plastic hose slightly longer than the bottle.

3. Then cut two round holes in the lid with a wallpaper knife. Note that the diameter of the round hole should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the plastic hose, and the plastic tube can be inserted with force to ensure air tightness. Always wear gloves when using the wallpaper knife, otherwise it's easy to cut your hands! Using tools safely is an important skill. In practical operation, you can use a wallpaper knife to rotate a small hole, and then use chopsticks and other cylinders to extend it and expand it forcibly, so as to avoid accidentally opening the hole too large when using the knife.

4, force two sections of plastic hose into the bottle until the following position.

Fill most of the bottle with water, and a hookah is ready. When you inhale from one side of the tube, the air in the cavity inside the bottle drops. Under this pressure, air enters the pipe containing the cigarette, passes through the water inside the bottle, and is sucked into the mouth.

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